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Cutting Lime

Our Mission

We exist to influence people toward nutritious eating.

Our Story

In 2017, our family decided to make a dramatic lifestyle change toward plant-based eating. We had been trying to figure out what was going on with our bodies. Doctor visits revealed high cholesterol, prehypertension, and abnormal lab results. With a food service background and a desire to change our family’s medical history, we were committed to finding a solution.

After watching a documentary on plant-based diets, we decided to take a plunge into the plant-based lifestyle. We took on the challenge with much criticism and social judgment from family and friends. I spent countless hours researching recipes and finding creative ways to cook unfamiliar meals. We made advances and experienced challenges but kept moving forward. Today, after much practice and refinement, I’ve been able to make some exceptional meals that have been well received, even from former critics. In some cases, skeptics had been made believers.  


This lifestyle has restored our family’s vitality and overall health. In March 2021, I was asked by a family, who heard about my cooking to cook weekly meals. I was excited to help them on their journey. After all, it was simply cooking meals for two extra people, resulting in 10 extra meals per week. Needless to say, that 10 extra meals have increased. This has ignited my love and passion for helping people eat more nutritiously. Today, we look to continue to influence as many people as possible toward nutritious, exciting and flavorful plant-based eating.

Our Team

Deana Young

Deana Young

Chef & Head of Operations

Chris Young

Christopher Young

Head of Business Development

Brytnie headshot_edited.jpg

Brytnie Jones

Marketing Strategy

2022_08_Chris Young Kitchen-6761-Edit.jpg

Renee' Collins-Jones

Events & Operations

Eat better feel better live better

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